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Water Enterprises

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In accordance with statistics, there are more than 120 seawater desalination plants in Gulf region, as the region occupies two thirds of desalination plants in the world, and the company conducts investments in water enterprises, including desalination and bottling and provides consultancies in this field. Furthermore, it invests in purchasing springs inside and outside the country, and we are completely ready to provide water desalination machines and contract with water processing companies, and it is more important that the company.

Companies that focus on addressing the increasing demand for and limited supply of water may represent some of the best growth opportunities for investors. While water itself is not (yet) a traded commodity, you can invest in companies that derive revenue from this limited resource in three ways:

  • Expanding the water supplyExploration, desalination and wastewater treatment plants are developing new water infrastructure and creating sustainable and reliable supply systems.
  • Increasing current water efficiencyCompanies that are developing improved irrigation, leakage detection and smart meters are creating effective solutions for reducing demand and promoting sustainable use of available resources.
  • mproving water quality and treatment facilitiesThis includes companies that are developing cutting-edge filtration technologies and disinfection chemicals.

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