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Tourist Enterprises

Investment in the tourism industry means the creation of capital or goods capable of producing other goods or services in tourism industry for earning higher profits in the private sector or regional revitalization and economic growth for public purposes.

GTII Investment management is for, Whether they are touristic or hotel enterprises, even desert resorts, one of touristic destinations based on its unique nature, global cultural centers or multiuse enterprises, the philosophy of Tourism Development & Investment Company relies on providing the best practices in each phase of work phases, as Tourism Consulting Sector provides consultancies and reports necessary for developing sustainable enterprises helping to support economic diverse in United Arab Emirates through development of tourism.

These set of enterprises includes different heritage, culture and civilization aspects of the country along with maintaining its resources and natural beauty,through:

  • Specifying available opportunities in touristic enterprises.
  • Meeting increasing requirement of developing tourism sector.
  • Innovating long-term distinctive touristic destination.

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