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Sport Enterprises

We are a bridge between the worlds of commercial sport and financial investment.  We work with investors looking for opportunities and with companies looking for investors. We personally co-invest in businesses and play an active role in driving growth and value.  We partner entrepreneurs to help realise the capital value of their hard work and with rights holders seeking to secure the financial future of their sport.

Investing in Sport:

For most individuals who are interested in investing in Sports, the journey can be difficult.

For most individuals who are interested in investing in Sports, the journey can be difficult.

Getting sufficient deal flow, having the time to review the business plan, meet with management, look at the competitive marketplace and understand the commercial model.

GTII have teamed up with Envestors to make life a lot easier. GTII will continue to meet with exciting companies that hit our criteria, review the business model and consider if we think they have a real chance  of success.

When we have found such a company we will bring them to you in an online format where you can review the company information, understand where they stand and review where they are in their fundraising process.  If they are of interest we can then facilitate the investment or make a formal introduction to management to take the next step.

GTII and Investors will host quarterly events to introduce new projects to you and allow you to hear the CEO’s raising funds make their pitch directly.

GTII would continue to be involved in a commercial capacity – from sitting on the board to simply acting as an advisor. Our primary role would go from fundraising to helping the management team maximise their commercial potential and assist in making your investment a success.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read this risk warning IN FULL before deciding to invest.