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About Us

About Us

Gulf Trading International Investment Led by Founder, Chairman Mr. Ali Alhumud and a team of professionals. GTII Companies is truly unique in the crowded universe of investment banks and advisory firms. Since the company founded, the GTII family has been dedicated to providing the most professional, personalized, and confidential merger and acquisition advisory services possible. Under the stewardship of the Office of the Chairman, GTII Companies unique resources and areas of expertise — the Four Pillars — give us a distinct advantage in achieving our client's strategic goals and allow us to offer a unique body of service superior to our competitors. The Office of the Chairman thoughtfully coordinates the application of the Four Pillars, depending on the characteristics of a transaction, in order realize our client's strategic objectives.
GTII is here to generate wealth and fulfillment for our clients, associates, and shareholders by building trusted relationships worldwide with those who share strategic vision and integrity; to continually be the best in our industry at strategically producing optimal results; and through our ongoing success to support those organizations which enrich humanity.

Our Mission

Equipped with its highly diverse range of professional skills, we aim to build a strong foundation in the UAE while expanding our footprint across the region to become the go-to firm for real estate and property management.

Four Pillars

  • Synergy Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Global Access
  • Classical Investment Bank